Tousled *Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist* (Published by DeFlocked Books)

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***2024 Next Generation Indie Book Awards FINALIST***

***2024 Literary Titan Award WINNER***


Sunny is a lively little girl with beautiful, blonde hair that’s a bit out of control. She is so busy enjoying her life and her hair that she often doesn’t notice how hard her mom works to keep it under control. But could there be something else Sunny is missing? Join Sunny as she learns that our gifts are meant to be shared.

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14 reviews for Tousled *Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist* (Published by DeFlocked Books)

  1. Kosh Ram (verified owner)

    This was such a sweet story! It was funny because Sunny’s hair keeps growing and growing. It was also heartwarming because she gave her hair away for a good cause. The book had a nice balance between humor and conveying an important message about how to help others. The illustrations were also very appealing:)

  2. Jander Vin (verified owner)

    An entertaining children’s book about a girl with out-of-control hair. A cute story with super-cute illustrations. My grand-niece loved it.

  3. Win Prue (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful book. It was beautifully written and the illustrations are also incredibly well done!

  4. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    My niece loved it. The story and illustrations were perfect.

  5. G Flickinger (verified owner)

    “Tousled” is a charming children’s book that captures the joy of giving. With its humorous tale of Sunny’s ever-growing hair and heartwarming act of kindness, it strikes a perfect balance between fun and meaningfulness. The captivating illustrations enhance the story’s appeal, making it a delightful read for young readers. This book not only entertains but also teaches the importance of generosity, making it a valuable addition to any child’s library.

  6. Diamond (verified owner)

    So many little and big things makes this book! From the perfect wording and amplifications of words to the brilliant illustrations to the sweet rhymes! Everything works with this book!!!

  7. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Tousled, like many children’s books, delves into themes that resonate with adults as well. In this tale, our protagonist’s mother grapples with societal judgment, the pressure to conform, and the challenge of curbing her child’s unconventional ‘hair’, while Sunny, our carefree heroine, remains untroubled by such inhibitions. Despite her mother’s efforts to tame Sunny’s wild mane into societal norms, Sunny’s untamed spirit shines through. Indeed, her unruly hair serves as a powerful metaphor for individuality, a message children will grasp intuitively, with those inclined towards rebellion recognizing its symbolic significance.

    As the story unfolds, Sunny’s mother gradually comes to appreciate her daughter’s wild nature, redirecting it towards acts of kindness and generosity. This transformation offers a poignant message, welcomed by some parents and thoughtfully challenging for others.

    Visually captivating, Tousled boasts beautiful illustrations and thoughtful formatting, with even the font selection contributing to the narrative. In summary, for audiences valuing community and timeless themes, Tousled promises to become a cherished classic, passed down through generations.

  8. Ozbookfreak (verified owner)

    G’day, readers! Get ready to be enchanted by “Tousled (DeFlocked FairyTales)” by Rooney Lennon, a modern retelling of the classic Rapunzel story that will delight both young and old.

    At the heart of this tale is Sunny, a spirited little girl with a head full of wild, blonde hair. As Sunny learns to share her unique gifts with others, readers are treated to a heartwarming story filled with stunning illustrations and valuable life lessons.

    The book’s charming characters and thought-provoking message about the importance of kindness and generosity make it a perfect choice for bedtime reading and family discussions.

  9. Ma M. (verified owner)

    I like the simple story that teaching kids to spread their kindness to others.

  10. QM Gel (verified owner)

    This book is perfect for storytelling. My daughter loved it and we both got a kick out of it because we always joke about her messy hair. It’s a lovely story with beautiful illustrations and I found myself enjoying it more than I thought I would.

  11. Eclectic Mike (verified owner)

    Bravo to author and illustrator for developing a truly enjoyable, entertaining and meaningful fairy tale!

    The rhyming text and vivid illustrations are so playful and fun and engaging and they go together so well to make for a truly enjoyable reading adventure. The message at the end is wonderful — a great encouragement for ministries like “Locks of Love” and other child cancer treatment programs.

  12. CJaN (verified owner)

    What a nice book. This tale of Sunny and her hard to control hair is so sweet and, of course, it includes a lesson – that making others happy can make you happy, too. Beautiful illustrations move the story along to a happy conclusion for both Sunny and the other children in the book, who benefit from her selflessness. A perfect story for young kids – especially girls, but I think boys will get the idea, too. Nicely done. Definitely worth five stars.

  13. Alessandra Veronesi (verified owner)

    This book was a delightful read out loud, the vibe is happy and everything rhymes adorably. Great to read to my little girl who never wants to brush or cut her hair, so it is a great problem solver for us with positive encouragement! Love it.

  14. Andy m. (verified owner)

    Heartfelt story of discovering a personal gift that can be shared with kindness for others in need. I loved the illustrations too! Beautiful childrens book.

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