The Princess Has to Pee! (Published by DeFlocked Books)

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On a very important day, five-year-old Felicity learns that no one can be perfect all the time, not even a princess. Enjoy this story told in rhyme as Felicity lives her silly adventure and learns we are all imperfectly perfect.


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46 reviews for The Princess Has to Pee! (Published by DeFlocked Books)

  1. Danny S.

    This was a very cute story. Anyone with a kid who waits till the last minute to announce they have to pee can certainly relate to this story 🙂

  2. Donovan

    I liked this book’s rhyming schemes, illustrations, and subject matter. You can be carefree, but not really when you have to pee.

  3. Joseph Brennan

    A great lesson told in a great way for young kids. Love the illustrations and the message.

  4. Richard G.

    Quick, simple story… easily relatable

  5. Shobana Gomes

    No, not even princesses can behave when they are caught between the call of nature and an important occasion like a royal photograph session.
    The artwork is great, the story is funny and children will love it. A fast and adorable story.

  6. Rich

    A cute story that all parents can relate to. Well written and illustrated-granddaughters enjoyed very much!

  7. AP Insights

    This book teaches children the valuable lesson of embracing imperfection, packaged in a tale as charming and spirited as a modern-day classic. With its cute story, great illustrations, and a powerful message about self-acceptance, this book promises a captivating and heartwarming read for both children and adults alike.

  8. HD

    The Princess Has to Pee is an enchanting tale that beautifully blends humor and an important life lesson. Felicity’s delightful adventure teaches kids that perfection isn’t the goal, and even princesses have relatable struggles. The charming rhyme scheme adds a whimsical touch, and the adorable characters and fantastic illustrations make this a five-star read. It’s a royal reminder that imperfection is perfectly okay, but do not wait until the last minute to pee!

  9. Kurt Hockenberry

    The illustrations alone will have you laughing and the rhyming story is very charming. Besides the fun tale, it’s a nice, gentle reminder for kids to speak up sooner when they have to pee!

  10. Amazon Customer

    This book was a gift for my four year old grandson. He loved the story and illustrations, he would ask questions about each page, who were the characters, what were they doing and why were they taking a portrait for the wall? Once we finished reading the story, he wanted me to read it again.

  11. Win Prue

    This book is just amazing! The story is eloquently written and the illustrations are also very well done!

  12. Eclectic Mike

    A clever take on the old classic “Princess and the Pea” this story rhymes happily like a Seuss tale.

    The illustrations are wonderfully colorful and playfully upbeat. The story is short, and I would have preferred for it to go on and on, as I was enjoying it so much.

    Manners, expectations, family, and human foibles all combine to make a delicious mix.

    However, the short length and generous illustration make it the perfect material for early readers. I do hope this author and illustrator collaborate for many more such fun and happy little books

  13. Bugwhisker

    First things first, thankfully this is not a “how to book.” This book makes the ordinary things exceptionally funny—like grandma’s missing teeth, grandpa losing his crown (maybe this isn’t so ordinary) and wandering brothers. It’s a funny little romp about the importance for young kids to remember to hit the restroom before an important event, and if not, it could still make for a laughably good story captured in a photograph. Excellently drawn illustrations and a quick story line, make this an easy read for beginner readers or read aloud by parents.

  14. Nick W.

    This is a whimiscal story with a wonderful protaganist – the Princess.
    She is an absolute star!
    The text is engaging, highly amusing and rhymes.
    The Book cover and each scene is full of detail with a beautiful colour scheme.
    The story is fast-paced and a must-read for parents….and, of course, for your kid.

  15. Mayer Couper

    I absolutely love this book! The story is well-crafted and filled with humor, making it especially enjoyable for young girls. The illustrations are fantastic, adding a delightful visual element to the narrative.

    In my opinion, it’s a great little book deserving a solid 5-star rating in all aspects.

    I highly recommend it — a delightful and engaging read for youngsters.

  16. WayneForza

    The tale is told in engaging rhyme, making it a hit for bedtime stories. The illustrations are just adorable, bringing the characters and Felicity’s silly adventure to life. What stands out is the book’s message that it’s okay to be imperfectly perfect – a lesson valuable for kids and a gentle reminder for adults.

  17. d1X1lady

    This book is adorable. The illustrations are really impressive and colorful. Story is super relatable and funny. Niece and nephew (5 and 2) giggled their way through the book. Rhymes were pretty good. This is a fun book and a great gift. Totally worth ordering.

  18. HK007

    This book delivers a humorous and valuable lesson on imperfection through engaging rhymes and vibrant illustrations. It’s a charming and relatable read for kids, emphasizing that being “imperfectly perfect” is entirely okay.

  19. Joe Gildersleeve

    “The Princess Has To Pee” is a cute story with very nice illustrations. A normally responsible princess does everything she needs to ensure the perfect family portrait, except for using the royal restroom before the photo. There is no real lesson here other than remembering to use the facilities before road trips or photo sessions. Nice, short read for young kids.

  20. Caroline81

    Very nice, funny book with amazing drawings!

  21. Douglas Johnson

    Cute little book that teaches children that they should not live up to the unrealistic expectations of being perfect. The book is written in rhyme and contains wonderful art to gain the attention of children while teaching an important lesson. When I read it to my child they enjoyed it.

  22. Babboo

    This is an adorable book that teaches the young ones that no one is perfect. The artwork is adorabke.

  23. Joy In The Morning

    This is a fun book about a very proper princess who finds herself in an embarrassing dilemma when she has to pee during a family photo session. It is amusing, charming, and heart-warming. It normalizes a situation children often find themselves in and helps them see that it can even happen to a most distinguished princess! The illustrations are colorful, detailed and entertaining. An all around fun book!

  24. RD111

    This is a beautifully illustrated story about a very responsible little princess who seems to do everything right, except, she forgot to pee before the royal family portrait. It is a nice story that may serve as a reminder for kids to go to the bathroom before important events. The storyline is simple, rhythmic, and easy to follow and the illustrations are very colorful making this picture book a great read-aloud.



  26. Reado

    What a great story and most excellent illustrations so funning and intriguing. The story is a funny one and very enjoyable to read to my child we did laugh together. Great advice for all children have a pee before your family photo it even catches out princesses. The way she tried to hold it in and the faces she pulled very good. Recommended.

  27. Amy

    This book is such a delight. The illustrations are fabulous and engaging. The simple story is funny and delivered in a manner that kids will enjoy. Can recommend this book.

  28. dbspringville

    First of all, I love the art work! Secondly, this is such a cute that teaches a valuable lesson about how we are not perfect all of the time. This is a fun way to show kids that we are not perfect and we should embrace that idea.

  29. MrsW

    This was a really funny read – my daughter loved it. She is now referencing this book every time she needs to pee, which makes us giggle. The illustrations are wonderful too!

  30. Stormycloud2012

    A funny, cute kids book! great story and illustrations

  31. Shannon

    You can prepare as much as you want but don’t ignore your body’s needs. Well illustrated, cute story of a little princess on family picture day and the importance of using your words if a bodily urge hits you.

  32. Tammy Horvath

    This book is beautifully illustrated and a well-written page-turner that will have your kids begging you to read it again. It would make a great bedtime story to teach your children to go to the bathroom before bed so they don’t need to pee unexpectedly like the adorable princess, Felicity, in “The Princess Has To Pee.” Children will love this fast-paced, cute, and entertaining story.

  33. Fatima

    I received a copy from the publisher and am very thankful. I read it to my little girl and she liked it commenting good things in her childish language while pointing out the princess in different poses :D. We had fun bed time reading this book. Thank you

  34. Spacemanspiff

    Fun book with a good moral lesson. Good for perfectionistic kids

  35. Jeremy Lamkin

    This funny story teaches the benefits of peeing before you go somewhere, even when you don’t feel like you have to. It’s an important lesson to learn at a young age because it can prevent humiliation.

    The story is relatable and funny when Felicity finds herself squirming to stay still. The illustrations captured the silly poses excellently. Kids will love this story, especially little girls.

  36. Brendan Clarkin

    What fun! An entertaining, appealing story for young readers. The use of humor is excellent and doesn’t detract from the story. The illustrations are eye-catching and the colors are vibrant. This is a fabulous story that will entertain all readers.

  37. FlowerCat

    Such whimsical illustrations. Sure to be a hit

  38. David Bourdeau

    Both the story and more importantly, the illustrations really told the story. Excellent children’s book, well done!

  39. Lyrata

    I love the illustrations in this book. It works very well with the story, making it entertaining to young readers.

  40. CL Taylor

    Look, this isn’t a big educational book or anything like that. It’s just fun and charming, reflecting how life really is sometimes. It made me smile. Your kid will get a kick out of it. It might stimulate some family conversation come picture day!

  41. KC

    This book is a blast The Princess Has To Pee is filled with beautiful illustrations and a captivating storyline that will keep your kids hooked until the very end. Its perfect for bedtime reading and it even sneaks in a valuable lesson about going to the bathroom before bed. But hey its not all about education—this book is just downright fun and charming. It had me smiling from ear to ear and Im sure your kid will love it too. Plus it might even spark some funny conversations especially on picture day

  42. Anne U

    This story is fun and a good reminder for children – go to the bathroom before you leave. Parents will be able to use this story – over and over. Love the illustrations.

  43. Robert J

    Everyone is human, even princesses, which leads young readers to identify with this book’s leading young lady. The story is good, the art is expressive, and the combination is endearing in this humorous tail of privilege and perplexity. The book is of course a humorous take on, and should be read just after, Hans Christian Andersen’s 1835 classic The Princess and the Pea. That said, while the rhyming of the prose is effective, when it occurs, it is not as consistent as it might be.

  44. TG

    A cute and delightful story with a very important message. This book will lovingly encourage any little princess to go to ‘the other throne’ before an important event, long ride, etc. This book provides gentle encouragement regarding very important matters 🙂 Well done!

  45. Sweet Caroline

    I love this book, especially the art. It’s a charming, clever story with beautiful illustrations that children will find humorous because every child has been there. It’s a fun book with darling characters. However, I’m not sure why the photographer didn’t take (or retake) the photo when she returned from the restroom. It’s a cute book, nonetheless.

  46. LE Charron

    This book is highly recommended. It offers giggle after giggle, and would surely delight any young reader with its imaginative story line and clever illustrations.

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